Back to Normal

By Amanda Curran

When I left my college dorm four weeks ago, I thought I would be back

Waving goodbye to my best friends didn’t feel so sad

I would see them again

COVID-19 is just a virus

These ransacked, barren-shelved grocery stores are just an overreaction

But one week turned to two

And now I’m home till August

But now I can’t go back

No more game nights

No more chipotle runs

No more warm lights

No more “I just missed you” hugs

No more sushi dates

No more sophomore year of college

The walls that used to echo laughter now sit empty

Room 415 calls us back, wanting one more game of Blitz

Memories fill the space, but there is always extra room for more

And we are left wishing just to be back

Instead of enjoying the college life, I am locked away in my room

Instead of being friendly in stores, I cringe when someone comes close

Instead of exploring the stream in the warm spring weather, I am lazily lying in bed

Instead swinging on the tire swing, I am constantly fearing the outside world

My life will go back to normal

I will see my best friends again

I will get back into my perfect crazy

When that day will be?

I’m not quite sure

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