Pandemic ~ Covid-19

Heather Collins

Fear has set in. Will people choose to stay home or continue to put others at risk by going out every day for useless wants, not their needs? How many more people are going to pass away? Time will only tell.

Fear has contaminated our world. First was the minimal worries of individuals and panic being bare minimum in the United States. Then hour by hour, day by day, thousands were infected and even dying.

Fear did not set into those right away knowing this is just another strain of influenza aka the flu. Hospital workers shrugging it off early on knowing the symptoms are similar to the flu.

Fear did not set into those college students who wanted to still follow spring break traditions. Little did they know when they left the beaches they were bringing the virus back with them home to their concerned families.

Fear was joked about. Like naming the virus multiple names including the plague or Rona. The seriousness of this virus is coming fast paced to those who think nothing of it.

Fear finally set into those who have compromised immune systems or those who know are at risk. Families prepare to stock up on those they love. Planning to send family members boxes of food they can’t buy themselves.

Fear is established when those see pastors stocking up on food in the grocery store or even going fishing to stock up on what they can catch. Looking up to those and seeing fear in their eyes simply creates panic and fear in others.

Fear is real when you come face to face with someone who has tested positive with this virus. Still putting others at risk, those who tested positive are not afraid to leave their houses even if they are supposed to be quarantined.

Fear is not leaving our world anytime soon. People are not doing enough to stay safe or to protect themselves. It will only get better when the world comes to the realization of how important their actions truly are.

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