Pandemic Haiku and Outbreak

Mariama Keita

COVID-19: Pandemic Haiku

Eat, Sleep, and Homework –

This is now the new normal.

How long will this last?


Empty Roads,

Cleared Sidewalks,

Silence across the horizon – Is this what our life has become?

It was all good just a week ago,

And now we are confined to our homes,

Hiding from an invisible terrorist that no one knows.

This is now a deadly game

You vs Them vs It

Unless you’re dying or hungry,

stay put or they’re gonna get you.

Those in the Black and Blue

Even then It still might get you –

A silent killer putting the whole world on pause.

We didn’t pay attention to the beginning,

Now we don’t know if the end is near.

We can’t come out until the coast is clear –

So, wash your hands because it’s just the first inning.

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