Bailey Rafter


Hot dry air meets cool dampness. 



Collections of mist gather over the plains, 

Hung heavy in the sky, pregnant with water 


Raging in discomfort, waiting for release, 

Rolling her belly over fields of grain and grass and flowers. 

Darkness descends and alerts the creeping things below. 

First pale, white light, oozing into dark blue grey 

Grey fades into sickly, greens and yellows 

warnings of what’s to come. 


Churning, unholy release so desired and achieved. 

Static fills the nostrils, 

Crisp and metallic, 

White and purple flashes bombard and scorch the ground. 

Throwing fury at those who dare to reach up for her. 


Cacophonous drums and symbols, roaring winds, make still the earth below. 

They watch, cowering 

Waiting for what is to come. 

Slow and sprinkling at first, 

Then fat and formidable. 

Crystal and clean. 


Bullets striking the earth, a deluge. 

Water soaking through the ground till the earth can hold no more. 

Sweeps of muddy rivers clear away the filth. 

Smooth like velvet and full of danger. 


Her burden has been emptied. 

Soft breezes blow her remains away. 

Her death for the sake of new life. 

The pain is gone, she is at peace. 

Poison and mire, washed away. 

The air is clear, better than before. 

The creeping things emerge and sing songs of praise. 

As sunlight creates diamonds from the water in the grass. 

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