Tiffany A. Ko

Oh, honey, your hairbrush ran away.

Scuttling along with its spindly thistles,

I saw it scurry across the wall and through

That vent in the upper-left corner of the room.

Come and keep your bedhead next to mine.

Oh, babe, don’t mind the alarm clock.

He sings when he pleases,

And cries when he’s sad,

And laughs when he’s happy.

That clock has never told the time right.

Oh, sugar, that slippery toothbrush.

I saw it hop hop hoppin’ away,

Like a pogo stick –

A vertical bunny.

Off with the other brush rabbits.

Oh, love, don’t pay any mind to the notifications.

That notorious black box of yours.

That nefarious player.

All it wants is your attention.

But how can you give that to it when

I garner it all? Stay a little longer.

Oh, sweetheart, don’t mind the light streaming in.

It’s just the moon. She’s come to check on us.

As guardians often do.

It is not yet day.

Linger a little longer.

The moon has yet to pass.

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