By Josie Hunter

November 7th, 2020.

We can finally breathe . . .

but not George Floyd. Killed Breonna Taylor, no entry.

I had time to seethe, I was fuming.

Now, the White House can get fum-igated—cleaned up!

But this virus is killing us.

Who gon’ fuckin’ save us?

We been tired, now we sick,

Fannie Lou Hamer, “tired of being sick and tired”

of all of the things that transpired.

Four years of fuckshit, now look at all the problems we’ve acquired!

But God

came just in time.

Feel like we been laborin’ with no lunchtime

while the president treated this like Showtime.

My prime—I’m ready,

gotta fuckin’ bright future steady.

Thank you. I’m grateful!

Even though I got my plate full and these fuckers are hateful,

I stay prayin’ to God; now ain’t the time to be unfaithful.

But it’s hard innit?

One day I’m like “Wah gwan God? Have you forsaken us? Have you left us? Gone out to get milk and said, ‘fuck us’?” No, of course not!

God said, “I love you, but Imma need y’all to love, too. I can’t do it by Myself. . . I need all of you.”

Free will, but jeez there’s some of you with few screws.

You nuts, but I still pray for you.

But I’m tired, aren’t you?

Sometimes, I feel like I can breathe a lil deeper, sleep a lil calmer, but anxiety grows steeper.

I’m nervous, a lil scared—I ain’t gon’ lie!

I’m worried because on November 7th, 2020 some people had to lose.

Other people were dancing in the streets around the world, but beasts stay workin’—lurkin’ in the underworld.

And right now, I celebrate, but I will stay vigilant.

Just know that this miracle was heaven-sent, take care of it.

And we gon’ stay on y’alls asses too, don’t think we ain’t forget about you.

We happy you’re here, but don’t dismiss all the work that’s overdue.

You gotta big plate so I hope you hungry.

You always gotta stay focused, gotta fix this country,

or rather get us out of this dump.

And treat us right, cuz we know you better than Trump.

And we not asking to be saved—only respected, never neglected.

We watchin’ all the moves you selectin’

so be careful.

This ain’t no commercial—

beep, beep!—this was your first checkup.

Now you know what’s up. . .


  1. This poem leaves such a powerful mark on the social injustices that occur on a daily basis. The diction within the poem is what makes it so impactful.

  2. This is probably one of my favorite poems I have ever read, this is based on a very controversial topic that needs to be talked about and discussed and talks about the point of view from a POC about the problems in todays society. Not only did the words express the poets anger and frustration but the audio recording of the poem you as the audience were able to hear the tone of her voice and she sounded mad and tired of these problems in our society continuing which I loved to hear and see as the reader and or audience/

  3. I love how the poem sheds light on Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s stories and unjustified deaths. I also find the anger and cursing refreshing. It’s not often people choose to express their anger in a poetic way, and I agree that we must stay vigilant against wrong doings but also kind. I do wonder who is this ‘we’ and ‘you’ the narrator is referring to. Is the ‘we’ her and God? And is the ‘you’ referring to us, the readers?

  4. This poem is very powerful. Talking about all the recent events that has happened in our country and showing the pain it is causing to our civilians. It was written with so much thought going into it and to make a statement about how terrible our country has been recently when it comes to dealing with big events. It was a very inspiring poem.

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