Campfire | Logan Lynch

Photo by Josh Campbell on Unsplash

Here is the log cabin 

Built before any of us can remember 

Inside are family members whose 

Names I don’t know 

In the kitchen sits the food 

Plates are passed around 

With stories long overtold 

But still new 

The living room is a quilt now 

Laid out in squares of plum and lavender 

Bordered by soft white 

Threaded together with lines of blush pink 

The quilt is surrounded 

By more aunts, uncles, and cousins  

Who drive needles between layers of fabric 

And pass bottles I can’t drink from yet 

Outside the grill is still warm 

The last plate of hamburgers  

Left its fire just moments ago 

At its feet rests a dog after a snack 

Further into the yard sits a fire 

Its glow broken by the bodies 

On the logs around it 

Bending in laughter 

They reach with sticks  

Capped in marshmallows 

That brown and burn 

And squeeze between crackers 

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