Spirit Animals | Drea Trumble

Photo by Emerson Peters on Unsplash

I think of Laika,

The Russian stray

Revolutionizing space travel

In her final days.

The mutt was chosen

For her small size

Got sent to space,

Her true demise.

Selected over others

Because no one cared

For her the same

As the others spared.

And though she changed

Space travel forever

She never got say in

The storm she weathered.

I think of Biscuit,

The race horse who placed

Top of his game,

Winning almost every race.

From him we sought

A valuable lesson

In the midst of

the Great Depression.

Cards stacked against him

He managed to fly

Past other horses

When he caught their eye.

But the reason Biscuit

Finally did part

Was because no one

Looked after his heart.

And though these animals

We always seem to praise

Let’s not forget they

Were laid in early graves.

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