General Submissions

Greenspring Review is looking for submissions of the following:

Creative Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction:

  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Scripts and Screenplays
  • Memoirs/Personal Essays
  • Creative Essays
  • Speeches
  • Song Lyrics
  • Journalistic Pieces/Professional Writing (sports commentaries, movie reviews, book reviews, video games reviews, etc.)

*None of the submissions are to exceed 8 pages in length when single-spaced in 12-pt. font.


  • Art
  • Photography
  • Fashion Design (original sketches, photos of completed work)
  • Short Films
  • Music

*Multimedia (e.g. your own short story with original illustrations) is allowed.

Send all work and questions to

Our Spring Deadline is Friday April 23, 2021 (though extensions are granted by request).

All submissions must be your original work, no exceptions.

If you are not the sole author/creator of a piece of work, list the additional co-authors/co-creators.

Work published previously on a student blog/personal site is allowed.

Creator’s Rights Statement: By submitting work to Greenspring Review, creators give Greenspring Review‘s publication nonexclusive rights to edit the creator’s work, publish the creator’s work for current or future issues, and archive the creator’s work.

Submission Instructions:

Select the file you’d like to upload, then hit “upload file.” Repeat this process until all relevant files are uploaded. In the File Title section, be sure to include the titles of all files you uploaded. Then, write us a brief cover letter. We look forward to reading your work!

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