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Friday, February 11th, the Greenspring Review hosted their Welcome Party after winter break. The party was a “get to know you and the GSR team” themed event where everyone ate snacks, played Jenga, and introduced themselves. Being a new member myself, admittedly I was a little nervous. Especially since I am not an English major/minor like many of the returning members. But despite my anxieties, the group was extremely kind and welcoming. Everyone promoted an open and positive atmosphere which made for an amazing night.

Light jazz music helped ease any tension I was holding onto, and I was ready for a new beginning this semester. As we went around and introduced ourselves, I felt as though I was part of the group for much longer than the 10 minutes I had been there. You can see just how much everyone genuinely loves being in the group and treats each other with the utmost respect and kindness. It felt like a family, and I was welcomed into that family with open and eager arms.

There was an open discussion about the upcoming semester including book club information, a possible group trip, and three upcoming interviews for the podcast – one of which, I volunteered to be a part of. There was even an open writing session where members got the opportunity to free-write for seven minutes and share with the group. To be able to hear the words from some of the members was wonderful and showcased just how talented everyone is when it comes to writing.

As a commuter, I found it hard to find my place on campus, so I went with high hopes to the involvement fair on Thursday February 3rd, and I am so ecstatic that I did. Last Friday night was the most enjoyable night I’ve had on campus this year and I can’t wait for more meetings. Getting to know everyone in the GSR was such an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to try it out if they are wanting to get more involved on campus.

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  1. Hi Kayura. I am also a commuter who has just joined part of the GSR team as an assistant poetry editor. It has always been a little difficult for me to come out of my shell of shyness which is why I took it upon myself to get more involved on campus. Though I was unable to attend the welcoming party, I was flattered to read your review of it. It made me feel as if I were there myself.

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