New Beginnings with the Greenspring Review

by Marisa Sloan

I enjoyed Oreos at the Welcome Party! Photo by ABHISHEK HAJARE on Unsplash

Last Friday, the Greenspring Review hosted a party to welcome back previous members while also inducting new members into the club. As a new member, I was equally excited and nervous to attend. Because I am a STEM major, as well as a freshman, I feared I would not be able to fit in with the group. Despite my anxieties, I was ecstatic to have a position in the club and to be included in such an event. Additionally, I had been involved in my high school’s magazine, so I was eager to continue my passion in a new way at Stevenson.  

Walking into the conference room, I felt all my fears disappear. I was welcomed to the sound of bright pop music and yummy snacks on the table, simple indications that I was going to have a fun time. I sat down to enjoy some Oreos as I waited for the official portion of the meeting to begin. Once commenced, we introduced ourselves, allowing us to get to know one another. I was excited to meet everyone and I was hopeful to become closer as the year goes on. After each person shared some basics about themselves, we began discussing the plans we had for the upcoming year. Hearing the numerous ideas and exciting opportunities that I had a chance to take part in reconfirmed my decision to join the club. Some highlights included book club discussions, field trips, a costume Halloween party, and many more. This was appealing to me because I am always looking for ways to keep myself busy. Having these relaxed get-togethers will ensure I can enjoy myself, follow my passions, and remain involved in my community all at once.  

All in all, the Welcome Party was a great way to be introduced to the club, and I am extremely excited to continue attending meetings and events for the Greenspring Review.  

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