Rachel Martin’s Summer Reading Recommendations

If you are looking for something fun to keep you on the edge of your beach chair this summer, be sure to check out We Were Liars By E. Lockheart. Set on the island off the coast of Massachusetts, the Sinclair family spends each summer vacationing on a private island owned by grandfather Harris Sinclair. This year though, Candace Sinclair uncovers something different. With each new chapter,  readers learn something more about Candace’s crazy lifestyle, family members, and friends she calls the “liars”. It’s a story that seems a little conventional at first, with a rich teenage girl being sad about rich teenage girl things, but without giving too much away, really does take a turn and leaves readers excited to turn the page. 

Ciao! Love and Gelato is a novel by Jenna Evans Welch that is perfect for the summer! As per her mother’s dying wish, Lina is spending her summer vacation in Italy with her dad. Here, she’s about to experience all the boys, history, and sights that Tuscany has to offer, all while learning her mother’s secrets from before she was born. With mystery, romance, and adventure all in one, this book will have you daydreaming of your own life abroad. Furthermore, Love and Gelato is now a motion picture on Netflix!

Another great read is Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. We learn right from the start that Bryce Loski does not like Juli Baker, whom we learn from her perspective, has a huge crush on him. Flipped is a fun and lighthearted novel about a boy and a girl, but what sets this book apart from others is that it includes perspectives from both main characters. The title comes from Bryce’s feelings towards Juli, which tend to flip and flop throughout the novel. Much like what we watch in movies and TV shows lately, getting the point of view of each character really builds the story and creates a dramatic irony for the audience and reader. This book was also adapted into a movie directed by Rob Reiner, so check that out too!

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