Tiffany Ko

There was no vision of life or bright light.

There was no angel to guide you.

There was only Here.

And Here was a strange place to be.

A place that was simple and boring.

A place of only one, single room

All four walls and one door that may or may not lead to another Here.

Maybe the other Here will be better than this Here, She thought.

Or maybe the other Here will be the same as this Here, with another door leading to another

The cycle continuing, never ending.

A snake eating it’s own tail.


There was, of course, only one way to find out.

She laid her hands on the knob, gave it a twist,

And pushed.


It was, to her relief, a different Here.

A forest.

She made her way towards the edge

The low, green leaves and the webs of spiders tickling her ankles.

Where the trees thinned out, there was a long, continuous space filled only with grass and train tracks.

There sat a man

And his piano.

As he plucked out keys and melodies, She moved in closer.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m playing the piano.” he answered.

“That’s dangerous.” She said.

“Nothing’s dangerous about playing the piano.” he laughed.

“You’re playing on the tracks.”

“Then I will play until my time has come.”

She moved on, knowing that there was no saving him. She moved towards the door that stood out all by itself at the woods’ edge. She walked through just as the horn of a train blared and the sound of ivory keys hitting ground


A man hung from the ceiling.

A rope around his neck

His glassy eyes seemed not to be at the point of vacancy yet, for they plead for release.

She reached up to touch the rope, plucking it like a string from an instrument.

The rope vibrated, and the body swayed.

Looking around, She noticed beautiful shards of glass littering the floor, giving a sense of beauty to this scene of death.

“I’m going to set you free,” She whispered.

She reached down at her feet and delicately picked up one sharp piece.

She reached up above and cut the poor man free.

His body fell with a thump, and the floor swallowed him up, leaving a man-sized hole in the ground.

Peering into the whole, She could only see darkness.

With one last look around the room of a shattered man, full of shattered hope,

She jumped and followed.


The fall seemed endless.

Strange creatures peeked at her from the darkness.

Voices whispered close, clinging to her like moisture on a humid day.

She fell, and fell, and fell.

Her hair flew up in wisps,

And her dress fluttered like the wings of doves around her legs.

Entropy, She thought, is a beautiful thing.

The impact came to her as a surprise, but it came nonetheless.

Her hair encircled her head.

A brown halo

Her white dress fanned around her.

A Saint

She could see only darkness.

One tiny dot in the far distance signaling the light.

She stretched her arms wide on the ground, her fingers splayed open.

Feeling the concreteness of the ground.

Her fingers came into contact of something large and lumpy, covered over with the familiar feel of cotton fabric.

She assumes that this is the man She had cut loose from his rope imprisonment.

She gets up and sets herself to find the next door.


She cannot find the door.

She has been wondering for what felt like eternity.

Eternity in the dark.

It is only during this fruitless and blind walking that She realizes

That the darkness is not around her, but in her,

And She must open her eyes.

Open the doors to the soul.

So She tries,

And tries, and tries

Until at last,

Instead of another Here,

She finds herself in a Now.



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