Blue | Sadie L. Jeffery

blue ink or smoke
Blue ink. Photo by Adrien Ledoux on Unsplash

I can hear the rain.

She plays so beautifully but vibrates in angst.

In all the chaos she reminds us that there’s peace within the storm.

She whispers softly,

Think of peace, even though she shakes in fear.

She wishes to guide me,

But she refuses to let go of the clouds she knows all too well.

However, without asking, she sent me something blue.

Not just any shade of blue:

My shade of blue.

Mixed with nothing but intrigue and desire.

I told her I couldn’t accept this,

But she whispered yet again you are safe to give in.

Curiosity swarmed the room and with hesitation, I gave in.

She disappeared,

And left me with wonder.

And then you walked in.

I caught myself wanting you. Even the darkest parts of you.

The blue on your sleeve mixed with the dark of your mind;

you radiated navy.

I never liked navy more.

It was equal parts of light and dark, And I wanted it.

With every shade in between.

You hate the navy blue,

But you don’t get to see yourself in the sun.

The light shines and makes even the darkest parts of navy a violet blue. I like your shade of blue.

It’s warm. Its protective.

It’s peace.

And every time I paint with it,

I find myself falling more and more in love with shades that mixed to make your blue.

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