Certainties | Anye Woods

The sun will soar in the east after dawn and 

Call me to rise from my slumber,

January will bring snowfall and  

A warm bowl of chili will warm my soul, 

Until the cool showers of May tempt me and 

I exit my cocoon. 

Every month, I will surrender my earnings and  

settle my debts,  

While the days grow longer, the nights shorter and  

I can bask in the summer sun 

Until my skin transcends from toffee to cocoa and  

I patiently wait for autumn. 

One day, my skin will wither and  

Fall like the autumn leaves, 

While my spirit will endure its youth and  

Crave the fineness of years gone by 

Until the sun has set on my time here and 

That’s okay with me.  

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