Fool or Fooled | Ary’ana Parnell

What’s the difference between fools and the fooled?

Am I on the side of nonsense or trickery? Did I walk into the trap?

Or was I guided there?

I say I’m a fool.

Missed all the signs, yellow and red.

Blamed it on timing,

Outside forces, and restrictions.

Myself when nothing else made sense.

I had enough information to stop.

Continuing for a reason,

That’s now invalid.

Going down a path with no prize,

Just a really big price.

I let go. Locked away my foolish thoughts.

Only for it to come back like a boomerang.

Guided to come out of my bunker.

Break down my walls.

Shake hands with the enemy,

And receive a false welcome.

I think I was tricked.

I feel fooled. Given false pretenses,

Then left to hold the blame.

After all this time,

I still find myself thinking.

Am I a fool or was I fooled? Was there truth in the trick? Or did I see what I wanted to believe?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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