Lilac’s Awakening | Antoinette Davis

Laughing at Lilac because it’s a funny word.

A pretty flower, stuck in the shadow of Lavender.

Am I really that funny?

No, I don’t think so. Maybe,

they wouldn’t laugh if I didn’t

invite them to with my deceitful smile.

It can be a little confusing

To them, I mean. But why show my true emotions?

Why not just be happy, or at least appear to be,

whether I live behind a shadow or not?

No one knows who I am.

Not really at least, even though

I am almost identical to my cousin


Overthinking becomes me,

Controlling me, as I fall.

Victim to its trap. Sunken.

Stop laughing, they say.

You’re only making it worse.

It’s just a word.


I am not just a word,

I am beautiful and so is my scent.

Sense my presence and remove me

From the shadows that you have created.

Don’t control my thoughts, for you are not my master.

Remove your petals and let the sun shine through.

I love Lilac. Beautiful and funny.

A shadow, it does not live under,

for it has finally opened it petals

and is now in full

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