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Cheap flights for groups

Florida weather

Is Spirit Airlines safe? 

Best ways to look tan before going to the beach?

How to convince your friends to go on spring break?

Why is Connecticut so cold?

Connecticut’s average march temperature

Trips to Australia

States you can legally own a koala in

Disguising koala as other animal

Can you fit koalas in a dog costume

Large dog costumes

Koala theft penalty

What do koalas eat?

Where to buy eucalyptus in bulk?

When is too late to buy spring break tickets?

Best food in Connecticut that hasn’t been rated by Dave Portnoy

Why is there no good food in Connecticut?

What is the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

How to stop a kitchen fire

My apartment smells really bad

Basic cooking courses

How to get your roommates to be quiet

Annoying roommate pranks

Amazon car wheel lock

Civil lawyers in my area

How to not lose a lawsuit

What to do when the people you live with are mad at you

Best roommate gifts

Best sunscreen to buy.

Single-passenger flights to Florida for spring break

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