The Person I Used to Love and Know | Darian Dildy

Photo by Jessica Yap on Unsplash

Her Perspective

He should have seen it coming.

Years of numbness and unloving.

When we first met, he was someone like no other.

But his true nature made me feel smothered.

Feeling less like a lover and more like a maid or roommate.

It filled my heart with hate.

Lack of effort from his side,

Created a great divide.

And when I told him how I felt… 

He brushed it off and made my heart melt.

He packed his things and went.

I didn’t know what my feelings meant.

As the days went by,

There were many times I cried.

Sometimes I could hardly breathe…

Because you were always next to me.

But…I had to grow,

And now he was just a person I used to love and know.

His Perspective

I didn’t see it coming.

Years of happiness and loving.

When we first met, we were inseparable.

Our love for one another was immeasurable.

Felt so much love and hope. 

As we held together like a tightrope.

One day she became more distant,

And our love became less existent.

Then she told me how she felt…

She sat and watched my heart melt.

I packed my things and went.

Mind clouded with feelings of resentment.

The days went by,

I thought about how I could try.

To get her back into my life,

So she could have been my wife.

But… she decided to grow.

Now she was just a person that I used to love and know.

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