What My Soul Knows & What My Soul Forgets | Leah Bayley-Hay and Hannah Bagley

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What My Soul Knows by Leah Bayley-Hay

Because we were

Beyond the bounds of time

Predestined, linked between

Infinities; Soulmates

Two halves of the same soul

You needed my strength

The same way my strength needed you

So, it was okay when you decided

 To take another path

Because I always told you

That in every life I would meet you

And in every life, I would love you

In Okinawa, when I reminded you

That the moon was beautiful

I would have never thought

I’d have to watch you walk

Away from me

A place of no return

Returning to no place

You could call home

Still, I wonder when your eyes

Stopped seeing me as yours

Even so, you were always my best friend

The only one I ever had.

What My Soul Forgets by Hannah Bagley

Because I was

Focused on the ends of time

I lost sight of you

Finite: Strangers

Two halves of the same soul

You softened my dangerous walls

I craved to strengthen my resolve

What did you feel when

I took another path?

You always said

In every life you would meet me

And in every life, you would love me

In Okinawa, you reminded me

That your sun was too bright

That my darkness would hurt you

That I’d have to walk away

Away from you

From my soul

Unable to return

To you, my home

My wandering eyes

Can never meet yours

So, can you at least

Curse me in the end?


  1. the short lines give it a halting feel, as if pausing to remember. I love the duality as both sides regret drifting apart.

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