Kailyn Pater

It was a straight shot with the dark lavender and crystal-pink skies setting over the mountain I had just overcome.

The mountain made me lost,

with twists sending me east

and cliffs I nearly drove off with unreasonable purpose.

The blood-orange sun dipped under the frosted peak and all hope seemed gone.

The roads were now dark—dark in a way that allowed me to see clearly.

They led me over rolling hills into a field where all I could see was a bright-shining star.

It shone blue against the darkness.

I fell in love with this blue.

It seemed ordinary, but on further inspection I realized it was anything but.

A pale blue ocean that turned light to dark with each crashing wave.

It was the type of blue you overlook until you see the life that lives within it:

hope and despair,

love and loss,

life and death,

beauty and humility.

I’ll never regret that drive through the mountain.

It brought me into a light—a bright blue light—that let me see what is beyond this world.

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