A World of Color

Shannen O’Connell

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. The year started with huge wildfires in Australia and now, there is a raging pandemic called the coronavirus, wiping out some of the Earth’s population. In light of all of these scary and crazy events, Americans have started a hashtag on various social media platforms titled #worldofhearts. People all over America are creating artwork and fun displays to hang on their front doors and windows to show how much love we have for one another. This way, when people drive by their house they can be reminded of the happiness and positivity in their lives.

The meaning behind all of these displays is that even though all of these negative, scary things are happening and there is so much panic in the world, there is still something positive and happy about each day. These art displays show that love and happiness still exist and that there are things to be thankful for in these tough times.

The first #worldofhearts display I ever saw was a large window sectioned into three long pieces. On the left most piece there was a dark, crisp silhouette of a little toddler girl. She was facing the right and looked as if she was holding a bubble wand and blowing out the display of hearts. On the right most panel was another silhouette of a little toddler boy. He was facing towards the left, possibly looking at his “sister” and blowing bubbles of hearts as well. The

hearts covered the window as if it was a giant bubble bath of rainbow-colored heart bubbles. There were plum-purple and vibrant blue. Some were even as green as a frog. Others were more of a safety-vest yellow, almost as if they were on a crossing guard’s vest. These yellow hearts were the largest hearts on the window. Neon orange and fire truck red filled the last panel of bubbly hearts. These hearts radiated love and positivity all through the house as the warm sunlight lit them up all day long. The rays of sunshine were filling the house and it was as if they were giving the creators hugs for spreading the positivity.

These hearts were filling the window all around the little boy and girl. This is how these little friends should feel during this time. The love of their parents and family should be surrounding their warm little bodies.

If you are filled with crippling anxiety or panicked about this ever-changing pandemic, fill your window with love by creating a display of positivity. Each color heart can have a different meaning. The fiery-red hearts represent love and passion towards one another while the leprechaun-green hearts signify luck and health. Safety-vest yellow represents happiness and warmth, like the sun. The vibrant blue gives off protection and peace while the plum-purple characterizes encouragement. Lastly, the neon orange that covers the windows signifies optimism and positivity. Whichever color is most needed in your heart should have the largest hearts displayed.

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