A Nurturing Death

By Jeremiah Zaeske

shot gun wedding,

drive by baby shower,

close range baptism

burn down the forest,

the church and the steeple

the baby’s gender is Destruction,

Death, and

Primordial Chaos

we are unlocking the worlds they shut away,

beyond the talons of textbook definitions,

things they swore could never exist

or that they swore to destroy

but these things fill the potholes and cracked cement

of our bodymindsouls,

the ones they claimed were pre-existing

and unfillable/unfixable/“who’s going to pay for that!?”

we are toppling immovable fortresses

limb by limb,

peeling off skin and tearing through tendon

to reveal the brittle forgeries of bone

we are de-manufacturing wilderness,

not just free reign for the trees

or even all the life they hold,

but regrowth for the village of Ahwahnee,

birds pecking out the eyes of campers at Yosemite

what remains will be fed back into the ecosystem,

into the bellies of bears and mountain lions,

swallowed by insects and earth

until it’s decayed enough to fertilize the soil

and grow food,



a rebirth, a nurturing death

Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash


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