By Alex Reed

I will admit this,

I am neither good nor bad.

I mock the weak and cheer the strong,

I allow the powerless to overcome the powerful.

I am the question you create,

And the answer that is sought after.

I am the past that haunts you,

And the future that is invented.

To me, I am an ongoing novel that will never stop,

But to you I am a continuous poem,

One that rhymes but never fully repeats,

I am the lesson that you must learn from.

My stories are neither useless nor boring,

It is you that fails to understand my worth.

You gaze at me as if I have given you access to all my treasures,

Yet when you speak of my presence,

You fail to unveil my true self.

I am a mystery that has been shrouded in darkness for decades,

You will never rid of me.

I will always be here watching over you,

Always recording your every move.

Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash


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