By Helaena Hutchinson

There is a time when magic comes to an end

The only time I have to say goodbye to my imaginary friends

Only the light of the sun could ever bring me to reality

Or else I would lose all of my humanity

Its where the darkness comes to cover our sky

As little specks of light sparkle on by

Our bodies no longer move through the night

But our minds began to drift from sight

Our spirit dances when the night covers our body

As our hearts becomes a new somebody

We would want to live in peaceful illusion

Instead there seems always a deadly conclusion

Our Father, time, refuses to show mercy to his son

He marks this time when fantasies are done

Even if everything vanishes before our eyes

A part of them lives in our hearts and survives

Only in our imagination comes life in the dark

Just as small stars inspire us from a spark

The darkest of night brings dreams to life

My illusions keep me from making strife

It’s hard to wake from a peaceful dream

But living in a nightmare makes me scream

It goes with the rhythm of the sun and the moon

As the melody rings later or soon

Now that the night is over with one yawn

Marks a new day at the beginning of dawn

Was the joy from my dreams gone

Or has this mystery of happiness just begun

People say that our dreams will never come true

But they never will unless they do

Our actions help make our dreams become real

Even if something or someone comes to steal

The Illusion can give us what we want indeed

But it’s nothing compared to what we need

Living this lie can be a nightmare

However, the truth is where you’ll be spared

The beauty of visions hide within the shadow’s shade

Just as the melody of imagination were made

We forget in the darkness there is beauty

And have the courage to judge with humility

Our story is told in the brightest of the spring

And the darkest of the evening

We’ll never know what the future may hold

And the past has already been told

Yet today in the moment is a treasure

And it is worth more than our greatest pleasure

Neither the sun nor the moon would brighten their light

Because it is the time they would call Midnight

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