New Year, New GSR

By: Marisa Sloan

The Greenspring Review is back and ready for a new year, and we celebrated our return to campus at the biannual Welcome Party on September 19th! Returning and new members alike gathered together for a fun and eventful night of snacks, games, and new friendships. As a returning member, it was exciting to be reunited with the members I was familiar with, but I was just as thrilled to meet the attendees that I did not yet recognize.

We started off the night by introducing ourselves through a fun name game which allowed us all to get to know one another a bit more. We also shared some shows that we have been watching lately which instigated lively conversation about Bridgerton, Love Island, and more. We then played three competitive rounds of Scattergories (which I unfortunately landed in last place for). For those who are unfamiliar, it is a timed game where you have to fill out as many categories as possible; this ranges from “name something that is green” to “name a movie” to “name something found in a book”. Here’s the catch: all the responses to the categories must start with the same letter. So, if the letter was “S”, valid responses would be succulents, Scream, and sentences. To make things a bit harder, you have to make sure that no one else has the same response as you because, if more than one person has the same word or phrase, it doesn’t count for points.  It was hilarious to hear some of the outlandish responses, and it was also interesting to see which responses were in common, especially the ones that were oddly specific and unique.

Overall, this event allowed us to connect with one another and have some fun before the work of publication begins. I am ecstatic to start my third year with the Greenspring Review, and I cannot wait to see what other fun events there are in store!

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