2017-2018 Staff

The 2017-2018 staff:

  • Audrey R. Diggs – Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and Sophomore English major at Stevenson University. Audrey likes iced coffee, hardback books, print comics, and snowy trips to the beach. In her free time, you’ll probably find her trapped in a pillow fortress by The Great Hypnotist Netflix.

  • Andrew G. Boone – Film editor. Interested in film, photography, art, theater, music, and philosophy. Finding at Stevenson a space in which these media can coexist, and interact in meaningful ways. Andrew is a transfer and a commuter. When not on campus, he can be found shut in his basement watching films, editing films, writing films, loving films.
  • Andrew A. Vetsch – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. English major. He is an avid reader of nearly everything. He has been very passionate about stories since he was little due to his avid imagination. He always takes a book with him everywhere he goes in public.
  • Cydney D. Walford – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Cydney is a Screenwriting Major with an English Minor. Her main passions are reading and writing; particularly, Science Fiction and Fantasy are her genres of choice. In the future, she sees herself working for television networks in the writer’s room and writing her own novels.

  • Danielle D. Brown – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Danielle Brown is a Senior English major at Stevenson University. She is getting ready to graduate in May and hopes to go into the publishing/editing business. In her free time, she likes to read, hang out with her friends and mentor the robotics team in her hometown. ​

  • Katelyn D. Heidel – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Katie Heidel is a Sophomore English major aspiring to one day work as an editor, preferably of fiction novels. Aside from editing various fiction stories, Katie enjoys reading, watching anime, daydreaming, and procrastinating. She’s pumped to be part of the Greenspring Review team and can’t wait to see all the awesome entries!
  • Lanett E. Bagley – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor.
  • Marcus Tucker – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. English major. Senior (looking for a job—preferably with a literary publishing company). Passions: reading, writing, editing, music. Freelance editor/journalist looking for a home.

  • Morgan E. LaMonica – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Morgan is a Junior English major. She plans to work as an editor at a children’s publishing house with the hopes of publishing her YA novel-in-progress This Light Must Go Out, as well as writing and illustrating picture books.

  • Ryan M. Roche – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Ryan is a Junior English major with a love of books and bikes. Outside of class, you’ll probably find him at work or the skate park.

  • Tiffany A. Ko – Assistant Technical Editor & Copy Editor. Tiffany Ko is a Sophomore majoring in Theatre and Media Performance and minoring in English at Stevenson University.

2017-2018 Advisors

  • Dr. Amanda Licastro – Digital publishing advisor
  • Prof. Meagan Nyland – Editorial advisor