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Assistant Prose Editor Sam Stephenson designed our podcast cover art!

Join Stevenson University’s Greenspring Review editorial staff “in the room” as they talk with visiting and student writers, artists, and creators about their journeys, careers, and goals.

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#4: The Fabricated Life of Lyle Farker (w/ Stevenson alum Kayleigh Marinelli) Greenspring Review presents: In The Room

GSR Editor-in-Chief Josie Hunter and Assistant Poetry Editor Kayura Gwynn talk to Stevenson University alum Kayleigh Marinelli about her debut novel The Fabricated Life of Lyle Farker, her writing and publishing journey, her time at Stevenson and in New York City, and more! [Recorded 4/22/22] Buy Kayleigh’s novel The Fabricated Life of Lyle Farker here. Her website is coming soon (this summer, she hopes)! She finished writing her second novel and a poetry book so she’s working to find a home for those projects as well. Subscribe to the Greenspring Review and be notified every time we post a new blogpost, new issue, and podcast episode! Speaking of, check out our general and special issues! Follow the magazine on Instagram @the_greenspring_review. Follow Kayleigh on Facebook Kayleigh Marinelli and on Instagram @kayymarin. Leave us a rating and review! Send us a voice message (see below). Thank you Stevenson student and Assistant Prose Editor, Sam Stephenson, for designing our cover art! Check out her Etsy shop. Shout out to J.HNTR for the theme music! You can check her out on LinkTree. Thank you so much for listening!
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