The Greenspring Review is Stevenson University’s student-run online literary and media magazine.

Each semester, our student editorial staff volunteer to read, edit pieces, and manage submissions from current students, faculty and alumni. The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the Stevenson English Department.

The magazine has gone through several transformations since its inaugural start as Spectrum, a print journal, and Prose Works, a smaller online publication. The two eventually combined to form an online only journal, THIS.

Then, in 2015 students re-envisioned the journal as The Greenspring Review, complete with rebranding and a stronger focus on multimedia creative projects. In 2020, thanks to the tireless work of the GSR staff and interns, we finished our full website redesign and adapted our new logo, the oak leaf in the ink well, which represents the creativity of the Stevenson University body. 

Oak leaf in an ink well
The Oak Tree is the official tree of Stevenson University. The inkwell represents the well of creativity that are the students at Stevenson. The logo was designed by Senior Criminal Justice Major Evan Barnes.
Stevenson University logo