Students Marching

Alyssa Fisher

Valentine’s Day 2018.

A day where people should be

spreading love and making good memories.

But instead the nation was in shock

of 17 lives that were lost from a shot.

But from the pain came a strength so great,

a group of students that would not break.

When the adults told them to quiet down,

they kept speaking loud and proud.

They demanded to get back their peace of mind

that while at school they would be fine.

They made the world begin to listen

to their strong shared opinion.

Those students did not stand alone.

From their voices a movement arose.

Students joined them to march for their lives,

as millions stood by to watch them thrive.

They marched out the doors

to show the government what they stood for.

Refusing to back down,

they forced them to listen to the sound

of angry teens

sick of loved ones dying,

and politicians lying,

saying they’ll fix it but that’s not true,

because we’re surrounded by death,

and all they do is collect a check

from the people that only add fuel to the flames

of what are some of our darkest days.

But in the face of all that is corrupt,

Those students never thought of giving up.

They kept marching with their heads held high,

and with hope that there would come a time,

when students will feel safe inside

the place where they learn and grow

in order to create a better tomorrow.

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