Mental Health Pyramid

Malik Kineard

Malik Kineard’s “Mental Health Pyramid”

   Throughout this whole Pandemic, people have been telling others to do certain routines, special dance moves and sing-alongs that will raise everyone’s spirits. These activities are great on the surface but are less for an individual and more for the masses. We need something that one person can do and it caters to them specifically. Cause let’s be honest, we’re all wired differently. One thing that brings a person’s mental health up may not work for someone else. That’s why I made the “Mental Health Pyramid,” A representation of an individual’s principle of good mental nutrition to maintain their version of optimal mental health. A person fills in the boxes of the pyramid starting from the bottom. The bottom is the most important mental nutrition. Something an individual has to do daily to maintain their mental health. After that, you fill in the rest of the boxes with your mental health nutrients. The image above is my personal “Mental Health Pyramid” and it allows me to stay sane during these troubling times. Each person’s “Mental Health Pyramid” is different and that’s the best part. It’s less about what everyone needs and all about what you need to keep you being you. And if you don’t know yourself that well, this is the perfect place to start your journey of self-discovery. So, I want you to make your own “Mental Health Pyramid” and find your mental nutrition. And if you post this on social media; Encourage others to make their own and discover for themselves what they need.

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