By Kelli Garriott

We were at an all-time high,

Now we are at an all-time low.

America was thriving,

But it all came crashing down.

COVID-19 immobilized America.

It immobilized the whole world.

No one comes in,

No one goes out.

College students were sent home.

Employees are working from their living room.

Parents are becoming the teachers.

Families are forced to spend time together.

Our lives flipped upside-down.

New methods of life are being created.

It’s uncharted territory,

But Americans are not a fan.

A month into quarantine and citizens are stir crazy.

Staying inside the house,

Such a simple task,

Is very difficult for many.

Quarantine is like being stuck on a Navy ship for 6 months.

Quarantine is like Anne Frank in hiding for two years.

Quarantine is like a jail cell.

People are comparing these times to the worst things you could experience.

Look at the bright side,

We have access to entertainment,

We can communicate with our friends,

We can go outside and exercise.

We have extra time to focus on ourselves.

We have an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on our life,

To realize what is valuable.

To have a plan when we go back to reality.

The Corona Virus may have halted our daily lives,

But we could have it a lot worse.

This won’t last forever,

Make the best of it.

Enjoy the time with your family.

Enjoy getting time to relax.

When this is all over,

Appreciate the little things.

Appreciate a home cooked meal.

Appreciate the unconditional love of your family.

Appreciate getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

Appreciate being healthy.

Let’s unite as a country,

Follow the rules put in place,

Help America get back on track.

We will get back to an all-time high.

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