New Young America

Taylor Barksdale-

Back in the day the goal was universal,

Get a job, buy a house.

Perhaps go to college, or get an entry level job.

And work your way up the corporate ladder.

Settle down young, start a family.

You date to marry.

Anything outside of what was deemed proper was not to happen in the light.

Remain a secret.

Save face, at any cost.


Fast forward to the present.


Today’s young Americans aren’t quite the same.

Housing purchases are being held off or skipped altogether

for apartments, or rooming with others.

You have a college. Great – you probably have a bunch of loans to go along with it.

Finding an entry level job can be a little difficult when they want 25 years of experience and you’ve been alive for and 23.

Who needs marriage in your teens/twenties when you can have Netflix and chill?


Now, not every American fits into these past or present norms.

Any/all of these comparisons are subjective in regards as to which time period had it “right”.

Maybe neither had it right. Or both had it right.

Lesser of two evils?  Perhaps.

One thing, however is pretty objective.

Times are in fact changing.

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