Please, Let Yourself In

Juwan Guinyard-

You’re sitting there looking peaceful and

Enjoying the people and environment

Surrounding you. A sense of belonging

Makes you feel that you should be

Embracing what’s going on, but

Like an empty room you are just

Looking for someone to turn the lights on


There’s no need to feel that you

Have to plan out an approach

Because not one person in there is

Any different from yourself. Keep it

Natural and let people guide you

In more of a comfortable space and maybe

Like an empty room, someone

Might turn on the light


Nah forget it, I feel that it might be

Time to call it and head out. If it

Wasn’t for my personal morals, I

Would’ve slipped out discreetly into

The brisk air. As I’m  making my way home,

I ponder the missed opportunities to find

Myself and say  next time for sure, but

For now there’s someone waiting at my place

That wants to get out of the darkness.

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