Love is a Woman

Bailey Rafter


Love is a Woman 

She is as ancient as time itself 

She has a pulse 

And she will live far longer than our pathetic hate 

Love is a Forest 

Full of unimaginably tall, strong trees 

It shelters all who seek refuge 

And it will always regrow, even after the wildfire 

Love is the Sun 

Warm and inviting 

Be careful not to be entranced for long 

For it is dangerous and painful to stare at it and stand beneath 

Love is the Moon 

A cool refuge; peaceful and predictable 

Do not be fooled 

For while you gaze upon it, the creeping things emerge from the dark and surround you 

Love is the Stars 

Shining bright and full of wisdom 

You reach to touch, to learn 

But they are distant and cold and only visit at night 

Love is the Earth 

Stable under my feet, safe and secure 

Full of kindness and promise 

Do not use it up, do not take it for granted, for if you do it will bear no fruit 

Love is a Spring Bulb 

Hidden, seemingly dead 

But under the thawing ground it stirs 

And year after year, with hope and trust, it blooms so brightly the whole world seems to Stop. 

And Sigh. 

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