Final Meeting | Makayla Vaughns

I enjoyed attending the Greenspring Review Release Party. It was nice to see how passionate my peers were about their pieces and hear the back story behind their work. I could feel and envision the writers’ pieces just from their tone of voice when they read. I think the GSR website has a lot of variety and diversity amongst its work and writers.

There were a lot of students who attended this event to celebrate their work being published on the site. I was able to meet new English majors and get to know them a little better outside of the classroom. Just from looking over the new pieces for Spring 2022, I can tell that there are a lot of talented writers here at Stevenson that will go on to publish amazing work. I also was surprised of how minimal the submission for scripts were to GSR because those are things I always love to read, and it is interesting to see how creative a student’s mind is. The pieces on the GSR all tell a story and I feel the more time I spend in English classes allow me to better interpret those stories.

I had a fun time at this event and plan to attend more like this by GSR in the future.

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