A Parallel Universe | Ahnyce Holland

There, it was always bright

Bright lights would shine through the windows on every floor

Daring to not let any darkness in through the blinds

Here, darkness is spread from head to toe

There, windows without blinds can’t even compare to the amount of light that I experienced

Here, the curtains are open to a view of the sun, so how come no light is shining through

Here, we live in a secluded neighborhood often referred to as the boondocks

So quiet that when a voice echoes, it’s shocking

There, I lived in a neighborhood where voices are heard all over, kids are playing outside, and adults are sitting on the porch chatting with one another

Here, the amount of darkness I experienced is little, but the darkness that occurred was immeasurable, blacker than black

There, the light shined so bright, yet the amount of darkness I experienced was greater than I could attest to

I don’t know which is worse

The darkness I experienced there, in such a bright house

Or here, in the dark house which never hid what I should’ve expected, darkness

Photo by Shona Corsten on Unsplash


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  1. This poem says so much about reality and how people are pretty much stuck in it almost. It shows where you’ve been and where you are now and dissatisfied you are with your surrounding. My favorite part was the last 3 lines because they sum up that dissatisfied aspect of life. I also loved that when you talk about the light vs the dark of the two houses, darkness is always presence and that’s reality. Nothing will be perfect.

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