All Lives Matter | I.M. Golden

Fist held up against black background
Photo by visuals on Unsplash

You awake one night, your home in flames
The neighbors too, wake and see
You cry frantic for all the water
The neighborhood agrees

Your life’s effort, memories
are being swallowed by the fire
Your neighbors you beseech for help
and they come, but only to admire

“Oh, what a shame…”, “Look how it burns…”
“It’s getting even hotter…”
“We too are hurt and concerned by this
and like you, are anxious for water”

Eventually, some water comes
You start to feel relief
The neighbors set their hands to work,
but each one becomes a thief

They take the water meant for you
and say it’s meant for all
They douse their homes, their cars, and gardens,
so passionately enthralled

with the problem of fire. “It affects us all…!”
You plead, “But my home’s the one in flames!”
They say, “True, but ours could burn too,
so the need is basically the same.”

You protest the inequity
They say that’s no good
“It’s not about your house, per se;
it’s about the neighborhood.”

“But don’t worry—your home matters too,
so we offer you this cup.
With this, some grit, and long, hard work
it should just be enough”

“And be grateful—the cup, the water, your home
is here by our goodwill
We’ve done you such big favors, now
you’ve obligations to fulfill.”

“It’s enough you’ve raised awareness,
even brought us unity.
Now let us think together how
to improve our community.”

“Perhaps a pond or fountain…
Maybe we should have fire classes…
Better yet: a holiday
where we make crafts from ashes…”

Lively discussions had while each neighbor
heads home with no concern
Boxes checked, the work is done
Never a harder victory earned

They claim they’ve saved the neighborhood
while your home continues to burn.

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