Keep Looking Down | Ellie Cast

I am the first thing you look at when you wake up,

I am the one you take everywhere,

You can’t be without me. 

I spread information faster than having face to face conversations,

I can track you down in a heartbeat.

You stalk other people to make sure their life isn’t as great as yours,

I am the most reliable source you will ever need.

You pay more attention to me than you do in class;

I am a distraction.

I can stir up trouble quicker than a heartbeat. 

Your eyes are glued to me like I am a shooting star 

I’ve traveled everywhere in the palm of your hands, 

You’ve been looking down 

When you should be looking up

Walking past the faces that should matter

You worry about leaving me than the people around you.

We cling onto the memories we have shared, 

Of looking through me instead of the concerts happening in front of your eyes, 

The memories happening in the moment are now looked back on,

As you can watch them forever and ever

And relive the moment.

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