I Remember

Joshua Acevedo


I remember all the times I was scared shitless that you would decide to  push me off the edge
I remember inhaling all of your sweet lies that you loved to mask behind your beautiful smile
I remember being scared of you drinking because it always lead to you getting mad at me
I remember always accidentally angering you and then you dangling me over that edge
I remember those moments you would shut me out and throw me towards the edge
I remember struggling with all my strength to pull myself back up and fix things
I remember I was terrified to fall, unsure of my identity without you next to me
I remember me getting closer and closer to falling off the edge each moment
I remember feeling lost and helpless, doing everything I can to not fall off
I remember feeling defeated when I finally reached the edge once more
I remember somehow I did it and I didn’t fall off like you were hoping
I remember I jumped off the edge to escape your deep emotions
I remember wasting so much time fearing falling off the edge
I remember that my fears made me more miserable


I also remember landing in a deep ocean

An open world where I can finally roam free

I also remember for the first time feeling happy

I also remember sleeping at night with less worries

I also remember becoming me again


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