What Day Is It?

By Shiana Allen


It’s the start of the week.

The last “peaceful” day

before the storm hits.

Make sure to complete

last minute assignments.


Only one class today.

Do I technically have a class today?

Early morning PT sessions

No early mornings anymore.

with fellow Stevenson cadets.

No PT with the Stang Gang.

Breakfast in Rockland with the

Check the never-ending emails

football team taking all the food.

Containing homework for the week.


2 classes back to back.

No 2 classes back to back.

No time for breakfast,

I make a smoothie for breakfast,

but time for lunch after class.

and eat leftovers for lunch.

Afternoon nap with long

Lots of distractions in a home

hours of studying into the night.

that makes it hard to “learn.”


Also known as hump day.

I don’t even know what day it is.

Waking up early for a PT test

I will myself to go outside

with butterflies in my stomach.

to maintain my fitness for ROTC.

Sleep off the stress

The days seem to mesh together.

until it’s time for my 2 classes.

It no longer feels like hump day.


The most hectic day.

No longer am I running around.

5 am 6-mile ruck march

Working out at home

with no time for breakfast after.

isn’t as easy as they make it seem.

An 8 am and 11 am at SU

I make myself presentable

then rush to JHU for ROTC lecture.

For the ROTC Zoom lecture at 1:30.

It’s Friday:

The happiest day of the week.

Just feels like any other day.

Go to Rockland for breakfast.

It’s hard to be productive when

Wash clothes and clean the room.

your email is constantly dinging.

Drive to UMBC for ROTC lab

How can I be a good student

to learn tactics and leadership skills.

when school feels like a choice?


I’m finally able to sleep in.

All I do is sleep in.

Do I want to stay in

I can’t play the Sims because

and play the Sims?

I can’t afford to slack off.

Or do I want to go out and have fun?

We no longer can leave the house.

The possibilities are endless.

We have to keep social distancing.


once again,

it’s the start of the week.

The last “peaceful” day

before the storm hits.

The cycle continues.

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