Where I’m From

Emily Amato

I am from culture and traveler
from big families and different countries
from the Spanish language and food
from the colorful mixture of rice in a paella
from Honduras and Italy.

I am from lakes and playgrounds
from cows mooing and roosters yelling
from a dangerous city and a poor community
from the pulperías the central park
from the Mimosa pudica plant that folds when touched.

I am from sweets my grandma used to make
from the smell of vanilla traveling the whole house
from dancing in the living room with my abuelo
from helping my tía wash the clothes in the backyard
from swinging on the hammock with my cousins.

I am from dreams and determination
from hard work and perseverance
from pain and strength
from self-love and confusion
from overthinking and responsibility.

I am from the humble and the kind
from the hardships my family has faced
and from hope for the future.

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