A ant on my Pesent Fustations

By Ryan Elspas

 It has come to my attention that I am now unable  

  to boast           each of  

the symbols           contained  

  within the                            English  

  alphabet.           As vexing  

  as this may         sound, take  

  solace in                   knowing  

  that it                      only affects 

    me, since, to my knowledge, you, as of this moment,  

    possess all faculties needed to adequately  

    communicate that                    which you intend to  

    say. So heed the                       speech of me, he who 

    may be textually                              one twenty-sixth mute, 

    to value all that                                   you say and all that you 

    put down, be it                        by pen, be it by key. Be- 

    cause only when                                         you have lost the ability to  

    put a full name on                                       the top of an assignment do 

    you deduce the                                             entitlement of a full lexicon.  

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