Growing Up

By Nicolette Fuglestad

Siblings walking

My brother is nine years older than me. 

He starts high school as I start kindergarten, 

We don’t have a close bond, 

Yet I still admire the ground he walks on. 

My brother is a senior in high school. 

I start to get annoyed, 

His constant teasing begins, 

The stereotypical sibling feud. 

My brother is starting college, 

I haven’t even made it to middle school. 

He packs up his truck and 

I lose a piece of my life. 

My brother is dressed in a cap and gown, 

Grasping his degree between his finger tips.. 

Moving on to the next chapter of his life, 

Leaving me in the pages he already read.  

My brother stands next to his other half, 

She’s dressed in a beautiful white gown. 

They celebrate their newfound love 

As I feel the distance between us thicken. 

My brother visits during holidays, 

But we no longer share a home. 

I have started college, 

And he lives out on his own.

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