New Voices Contest Honorable Mentions

  • “Clouds” by August Vanskike
  • “A Warm Brown” by Kayla Parker
  • “Red Carnations” by Natalie Alascia-Dittfurth
  • “The Dwarf and the Mosir” by Jose Alicea
  • “Meeting Dawn” by Elinor Duwan
  • “Below Ely” by Aylin Aarhus
  • “I Am Better” by Olivia Akkurt
  • “The Jump” by Daniela Ibrahim
  • “Owed to My Body” by Beatrix Maynard
  • “Evelyn Marie” by Isabelle Dunkerly
  • “Nothing is Crystal Clear” by Tinu Olaleye
  • “Loneliness and Longing” by Maribel Garcia
  • “Trash Heap 85346” by Amy Kwong
  • “Robot Crash Landed” by Amber Aquila
  • “The Fool’s Cry” by Maya Naeris Loaisiga

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