Blessings, Beauty, Madness | Glimmer Garruba

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

You are a blessing from the gods themselves. 

The way you walk, 

Thundering forward with a drive that would have entire armies bowing to your will. 

Your words, gentle yet powerful, 

Able to deliver either the elixir of eternal life with your love 

With a voice so holy it caresses one’s ears with golden light, 

Or utter devastation from the deadliest of venom with your anger. 

And even with your fury, righteous and strong, 

it still goes down smooth, 

For even nightshade tastes sweet as it runs down your throat 

And poisons your veins. 

Your beauty is intoxicating, 

A mead that comes straight from the halls of Valhalla, 

A wine that is sharp and poignant, 

And leaves a sugar sweet ache in my head for days therafter. 

A whiskey so strong and fiery, 

I adore the heat it chases down my throat. 

And oh love of mine would I be drunk off you for ages afterwards, 

An addiction I’d never try to shake, 

Feeling your high again and again, 

Just to feel you caress my lips once more, 

And let your heady presence consume me. 

Your beauty comes right from your soul, 

Shining brighter than any star I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

Not from purity or innocence, 

But the sheer passion in which you exist. 

You burn with the light of knowing where you belong, 

Who you are, 

Where you’ll go next, 

And the promise of lasting an eternity. 

You’d challenge the gods, 

And I’d believe you to be fate and win against them. 

May no one forget it. 

Their arrogance will be branded in the heat of your fire. 

You are strong, 

You are powerful, 

Filling up the room in a way that’s driven me out of my mind. 

It fills not only the room, but my own body. 

Your energy seeps into mine effortlessly, 

As if it always belonged there, 

As if I am a well worn chair that you sink into when you tire. 

And I will always welcome you with open arms. 

I am madly in love with you. 

Not the love of kisses shared behind closed doors, 

With rings wrapped around our fingers. 

A love that toes the line of devotion, 

I would kneel to your altar and pray for your salvation. 

Your eyes are a holy symbol that I cling onto until my last breath. 

And you could bring me into the paradise of your presence and love, 

Or cast me into damnation of a life devoid from you, 

And I would not care which so long as you gazed upon me once. 

I would burn this world at your command, 

A servant to shape the world to your design, 

And I would bathe in the blood of your enemies if only to be worthy. 

Worthy to embody you and everything you’ve become, 

Drown in your essence and come out the other side 

Divine from each drop of ambrosia seared into my being. 

And should I not be deemed desirable for the drowning of that sweet, golden nectar, 

May the drowning kill me. 

For living with the madness of your experience, 

Knowing that it is as unattainable as your very presence, 

Is a new level of hysteria that shall only ever torture me, 

When I am blessed, 

To gaze upon your beauty. 

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