Finest Attributes | Brennen Wright

couple in love
A couple in love. Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

There is a plethora of beauty that surrounds you.    

It starts with the part that is gold and long,

and ends with the part most misconstrue.   

This, however, is the portion most strong.

The inside is not the only thing I fell for,

because outside is what caused the gravitational tug.

This pulled me in and made me warm to my core,

and simply being with you the world would unplug.

This is where my addiction started.

I crave the sight of you and the feeling it gives,

when you look into my soul and see it has departed.

Your heart touches mine and shows the reason it lives.

Before I met you it was not the same inside or out.

I had forever been longing for how your presences make me feel.

There has never been any doubt,

that you, Ms. Paige, are my real deal

It starts when you turn around and your curls flip over your shoulder.

Then it moves to your smile that never fails to bring me joy.

The same smile that at any second can move to a smolder.

Finally, to the soft small hands that help me work on my Plymouth Savoy.

The natural curves of your being make me scream on the inside,

so tone and unique, always leaving me surprised.

One day I hope you will be my bride.

Until then, I will keep you completely memorized.

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