Heart | Grace-Frances Afful

Hand holding heart made of fairy lights
Photo by Elias Maurer on Unsplash

The heart is very delicate.

It requires reassurance and intelligence.

It can go through uncertain situations

That result in reflections.

It is also very strong

Because it can go through pain that tends to be long.

It can also be very loving,

And to whom it must, very giving.

Be cautious with this heart,

Don’t break it into a small tart.

Love as you must,

But be careful who you trust.

Don’t let this heart of yours go to rust.

Be cautious,

So you do not end up nauseous.

Stay true to yourself,

Never let others put you in disbelief.

Follow these steps,

And your heart will be a success.

But remember it is a process

To love others, love yourself first.

And let the world feel a burst.

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  1. I feel like this was very deep and had a good meaning to it. I think that you write it very well and I think it has a pretty good message behind it as well.

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