WHO AM I (“VERSES” 2023 Winner) | Sanaa “Radiant Rage” Liggans

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

i am a beautiful imperfection that is so imperfect it is perfect. (x2)

i am the epiphany of self-worth and realizing that i am worth it.

i am a different breed of a being, not peculiar like the aliens

but cultivating like the transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

i am so much more than what meets the keen eye.

i am NOT JUST the black girl in the room.

i am the equal opportunity, hand raising for questions, intelligence continuity.

i am NOT JUST the “angry” black girl when my words are coated with passion actually.

i am the educated, not to be afraid of, well spoken, i can lay down the facts for you type.

i am NOT JUST the one you overlook because of the way i look.

i am the one you so consciously dismiss because, admit it you are afraid of the

power of knowledge that is in between my two ears. you’re shook.

so when you ask me who i am. do not expect me to tell you my likes and dislikes, my fetishes and my frights, or whether or not pineapple on pizza is right or not right.

bc i am already so much more than you expect.

i am a black melanin queen that deserves all levels of respect.

i am a generation of impactful voices that are destined to change the world.

and yes i am a girl.

i am the one who you will remember when you see all the can-nots you had laid out for me turn in to can-dos.

so who am i? i am everything that you already imagined, i’m just wearing way bigger shoes.

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