Times Ideas Come To Me | Jacob Schwarz

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in the shower; in the car while driving; in the car while not driving; in class; in class while im supposed to be paying attention; in the car while driving while im supposed to be paying attention; night time; while im trying to sleep; while im trying to do homework; while walking; while talking; after having coffee; after reading; after reading after having coffee; during movies; during songs; during plays; while other people are talking; in dreams; in daydreams; in nightmares; in ambivalent dreams that i don’t enjoy having but i wouldn’t necessarily classify as nightmares; in the store (ideas about things to do when i get home); as im leaving the store (ideas about things i should have got at the store); while listening to music; while drinking in the music; while drinking; while drinking water; while by the water; as the water falls all around us; as i fall into the water; as i forget how to breathe underwater; in near death scenarios (such as forgetting how to breathe underwater); while thinking about death; while thinking about life; while thinking about the in-between state of life and death; while thinking about what it must be like to be a plant; while trying to empathize with a plant; while trying to imagine the sensory consciousness of a plant; while asleep; while awake; while thinking about the various times in which ideas come to me; etc.

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  1. This is a remarkable revelation of how some people think- a chain of connected ideas that starts in what one sees or hears or remembers and ends somewhere completely different. Then the fun part is remembering how it got there! I think in this day-dreamy way sometimes, and was shocked when a friend told me they always think in complete sentences. There are studies about how people think that are just fascinating. I hope you write down your ideas!

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